The Youth View Awards (YVAs) team members have expressed their discontent with Reggae recording artiste Nesbeth‘s recent rant on social mediaafter his “My Dream” single lost to Vybz Kartel’s “Fever” for “Top Chart Topping Song” of 2016.

Nesbeth reportedly stormed out of the National Indoor Sports Arena in St Andrew, Jamaica on Saturday night and took to his Instagram account to share his disappointment while hinting at a conspiracy at the Awards show in a now-viral video.

His comments however did not fall on deaf ears as a members have since responded to the artiste labelling him as childish.  “This is sitting heavy on my heart and to be honest I’m pretty fed up, tired and annoyed to the core. Excuse me while I vent, never in my 22 YEARS OF LIFE have I EVER met a more ungrateful, hypocritical and unfair group of persons than some of our Jamaican artistes. EVER. It’s so disappointing yet I fail to be surprised,” Khloe Clarke wrote, daughter of YVAs founder Karen Clarke.

Never had a platform like the Youth View Awards existed in this Jamaica land I love and was born out of the need for one. Started by one woman who knew no one in the industry OR THIS COUNTRY who believed that this was something that was needed. The idea was pitched and NOONE has any idea what it took to create an grow the YVAs into the product it is today and to all of the artistes who believed in it from day 1 and all those who continue to support it win lose or draw THANK YOU. YOU understand the vision and what it’s all about,” She added.

Clarke continued by saying:

 You don’t bash or throw juvenile tantrums because you didn’t win you recognize that to be acknowledged by fans is an achievement in it’s self. You realize that this show didn’t HAVE to throw you guys a nominee party, give you swag gifts, a world class red carpet experience. The YVAs pours into because it wants to. To all of you artistes out there who only support when you win you need to reflect on yourself because most of y’all don’t even live by what you preach. I could write all night but you get the point. Grow up.”

YVAs Ambassador Jabari Henry also addressed the issue:
  Most of y’all talking about the show bias get the facts before you talk we have a on the ground nomination where people come out to nominate their favourite artistes after that we have the online nomination where fans nominate online,” He wrote.
“Nesbeth couldn’t compete with Vybz Kartel in no shape or form because Kartel fan base is GIGANTIC he has some died hearted loyal fans other Artiste should get some too think outside the box the one song not gonna make you win just because the Prime Minister danced to it. The only person you can maybe compare to Vybz Kartel is Alkaline his fan base is also large so if Vybz Kartel and Alkaline won most of the categories its because their VOTED instead of being childish and blaming the show unnuh guh blame unnuh fans . Deep down these so called “artistes” know the whole process of the show and still try to pin the blame on the Youth View Awards because you want to find yourselves blameless instead you should be happy that your fans even nominated you in the first place a nomination is even good as an award because it shows you have some level of supporters so go thank them and stop trying to be ungrateful it’s not a good look.” He added.

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Source: (http://jamaicatakeout.com/entertainment/yvas-hits-back-at-nesbeth-after-singer-rants-about-losing-to-vybz-kartel/)
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