Clymaxx, Quick Cook in hot water … Falling Out Because of Rumours?!

Recording artistes Quick Cook and Clymaxx were busy promoting their song, ‘Everything’, when rumours that the two are romantically involved began swirling around. A classic game of ‘he said, she said’ has caused a falling out between both artistes.

Clymaxx told The Star that she heard that Quick Cook was telling people that the two were an item. She said she was disappointed in the rumours and confronted her fellow artiste and former friend about it. Clymaxx said that after she confronted Quick Cook, privately, about what she had heard, he took to social media to bash her for something completely unrelated.

“Make me tell yuh how this thing go because him come out a say how me vex over money fi song and nothing don’t go so. This thing not even have anything to do with money. I asked about how the song was registered because I participated in the writing of the song, etc and I have all right,” she said.

“Quick Cook is telling people that we’re in a relationship and that is the root of the argument because we are not involved. We were friends, our kids hang out and we just had a good general friendship going on. At no point in time did I ever give him the impression that I was interested like that, and at no point did I think he was even interested either, so me nuh know where this coming from,” she added.

The former Magnum Queen said she is disappointed in how Quick Cook handled the entire situation, and doesn’t believe they can continue their friendship in light of what has transpired. She says all business-related transaction would be undertaken by her management as she wants no further communication with Quick Cook.


When the STAR contacted Quick Cook, he denied being the source of the relationship rumours. He said he cannot understand on what basis those rumours were even started as it was always business between him and Clymaxx.

“Clymaxx reach out to me saying that I told a mutual friend that I had sexual relations with her when I never said that. Clymaxx and I always kept it strictly business and professional. I told Clymaxx that was not true but she continued to send me disrespectful voice notes and text messages,” he said, pointing out also that it was she who took the matter to social media first.

“Someone tagged me in her post on Instagram again where she was being disrespectful and that’s when I thought to respond to the people to let them know it not true.”


The entertainer said that as far financial matters are concerned, there are none as he has made it clear to Clymaxx that once their collab starts generating money, she will be fully compensated.

“When we start making money off the song, I will make sure she gets her part because she put in the work,” he said highlighting that he is still open to doing business with her.

“I have no issues with Clymaxx … I am still open to do the video with Clymaxx if she is open to it because love is what I’m dealing with. There is enough hate in this business and killings going on in our country. I am on a mission to bring love in this business and to our nation,” he said.

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