Kranium is being accused of throwing shade at fellow Dancehall entertainers after reaching a major milestone in his career.

The international recording artiste took to social media on Tuesday to celebrate reaching over 200 Million streams worldwide for his music.

“Numbers don’t lie we’ll actually a girl once gave me a dry cleaning as her number lol but you get the point,” the “We Can” singer wrote under a photo of him holding his plaque while pointing out it was for actual streams and  “Not YouTube views.”

Social media users quickly insisted that Kranium was taking jabs at local entertainers who constantly boast about getting views on YouTube.

“Mi feel lil shade towards @spiceofficial, when him say not YouTube views.. no one care, enjoy!!,” one user wrote while another added, “Member seh a YouTube views buss yuh. Never bite the hand that feed u.”

However others defended Kranium’s post, “Boy u can’t even celebrate u winnings in peace or yah “throw shade” or u boasty but when foreign artiste dweet, uno praise dem. Gwaan thru yute, mi have free jelly water fi d dutty heart ppl dem round ya,” one user wrote.

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Congratulations to #Kranium 👏🎉

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