Females Dominating the ReggaeHall Game!

Written by rebelradioconnectz

June 17, 2019

Shenseea Is Definitely BLESSED

ShenYengs march out! Shenseea is a fast-rising superstar who just seems to dominate everything she does. Her new single “Blessed” featuring Tyga has everyone singing along to the catchy hook and looks. Tyga has been reining the charts back to back with his recent singles “Make It Dip” and “Taste”, so it was a no-brainer to make Shenseea hop on the track with him. Romeich Entertainment marketing for Shenseea is exceptional and proof that if you have someone solely focusing on your career you can move mountains. The single was produced by Russian which was her best business move by far. He is technically the DJ Khaled of Jamaica and every song Russian produce turns to gold. Due to her partnering with Russian and Tyga, she is now exposed to America’s market and has a bigger force behind her. “Blessed” is definitely geared to be a mainstream song this summer and already the song has reached 5.2M views within the first week! She even got shouted out on The Shade room and was featured on a billboard in TIMES SQUARE, so it’s safe to say their plan was well executed. Just recently Shenseea also made history being the first dancehall artist to be signed to Interscope Records. Big Ups to Shenseea!


Naomi Cowan Got A Paradise Plum

The beautiful Naomi Cowan does not get the recognition she deserves at all! Her voice is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Her song ‘Paradise Plum’ has an old school reggae vibe but her voice has a modern serenade. In a way, she’s like the “modern day” Alaine and she has an exceptional voice to even do a soca crossover. It would be great to see her do a collab with Kes or even Nailah Blackman considering they both favor each other. With Naomi powerful voice and Nailah’s unique sound, they would create a beautiful bacchanal! Even a collab with Shenseea would be dope since Shenseea usually drops reggae songs every now and again. She already has the look of a star and a voice that’s a powerhouse, so expanding her market to a different audience would potentially skyrocket Naomi’s career.



Spice Constantly Breaks Barriers

We all know the queen of Dancehall right now is Spice and she is rocking that crown well. Spice has been breaking barriers constantly over the past years, dropping hit after hit. From being the first female dancehall artist to go to Gambia in Africa, the first dancehall artist to reach over 1M followers, the first dancehall artist on Love and Hip Hop, and her new mixtape “Captured” hitting the Billboard charts, she is the definition of what success looks like. Spice dropped a new single with Vybz Kartel “Back Way” and it is rocking the streets. We are always here for a Spice and Vybz Kartel collab! The new song “Back Way” could be considered a part 2 to the infamous single “Conjugal Visit”. Spice is dominating the game right now by using her platform to not only to cool it dung but also to raise awareness to colorism in our community. Through her crazy marketing tactics such as “bleaching” her skin and being apart of Love & Hip Hop for her mainstream market cross over, it definitely worked! Spice broke the internet last year when everyone was appalled for her “bleaching” her skin for hit single “Black Hypocrisy”. She was even on TMZ and The Shade Room which is a huge accomplishment considering that TMZ is, if not the biggest entertainment outlet in America! Spice continues to create controversial songs, sell out shows, and remain relevant all these years. She is not stopping anytime soon.



Koffee Come In Like A Rapture

Koffee is the little sister we all need in our lives! She is so grounded and talented. Growing up listening to our parent’s generation of reggae music, we had a respect for the genre. As time changed so does music, however reggae music remained stagnant for quite some time. Chronixx, Protoje, Jah Cure, and Damian Marley, just to name a few, did a great job transitioning reggae music to current times. However, it still longed a new face to grasp the new generation’s attention. Koffee became that face the youths were yearning for and the song ‘Toast’ bridged the gap for reggae music. Koffee does a phenomenal job merging the dancehall deejay flow on a reggae beat, not to mention her positive messages to the youths. She took what Chronixx’s done and transformed it into her own style creating an entirely new contemporary sound. It’s amazing to see the youths being taught the issues going on in the world through the lens on Koffee. Having someone who looks like them, sound like them and dress like them, the new generation finally has someone they can relate to in reggae music. Even though Koffee is nineteen years old, she is amazingly versatile and can appease to any audience don’t matter race or age. Without even knowing Koffee has hit mainstream GLOBALLY and her new single Rapture is exceptional! Big tings a gwaan in the future for Koffee and sis deserves an award!


Jah 9 Is Bringing Heaven To You

Jah 9 is very different from the rest in the list. Her style and sound are very cultural and Rastafarian. Yet, her song ‘Heaven’ was definitely different from her typical look and sound which actually worked in her favor. She was able to make a robust song and deliver the message in a sexy mature way. With her in the middle and the two women on each side of her in the music video, it screamed authority, dominance, and women power. Jah 9 should consider doing collabs with other artists to expand her exposure because her messages need to be heard. A very compelling collab would be with fast-rising reggae star Koffee. Even if she did cross overs like the Marley’s with hip hop artists, that would be a major business move for her.

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