About Us

Since 2017

Rebel Radio Connectz is all about innovation and standing out from the norm.

We aren’t your typical Caribbean station.

Rebel Radio is a diverse station that strays away from your typical Top 40 hits being played day by day in your car. Our objective is to give listeners a chance to be able to connect across the world through the music we play. Our programs are strategically scheduled to give the best service and also provide an exceptional opportunity for our promoters, manufacturers, and sponsors to further market their brand.

Here at Rebel Radio Connectz, we strive to be different and only give the best. We are dedicated to exchanging cultures around the world with the music we play, to the specialty programs we have. We will be dominating the airwaves with the top DJ’s and personalities worldwide providing music from various islands, countries, and cities!

So don’t listen to those other stations, BE A REBEL!